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What Is Granule Packaging Machine? How Does a Sachet Packing Machine Work?

A granule packaging machine is a special type of packaging equipment designed to pack granular or granular products into bags or sachets. Pellets are small solid particles such as sugar, salt, coffee beans, fertilizer pellets or similar materials. Granule packaging machines operate similarly to pouch packaging machines but have specialized features to handle granular products efficiently.

Some common features of pellet packaging machines include: 


Volumetric drug delivery systems: Particles are typically measured and administered by volume rather than weight. The machine can use a volumetric cup filling system or other volume-based metering mechanism to ensure accurate filling of granules into bags or sachets.

Screw filling machine: In some cases, the granules may be more powdery than ordinary granules, and a screw filling machine can be used. The equipment uses an auger to precisely measure and distribute particles into packages.

Specialized sealing mechanisms: Pellets may require specific sealing methods to maintain freshness and prevent leakage. Packaging machines can use heat sealers, pulse sealers or other sealing technologies customized for granular products.

Dust prevention measures: The pellets generate dust during the packaging process, which may cause problems for the functionality and hygiene of the machine. Pellets packaging machines may include dust collection systems or dust protection measures to ensure proper operation and cleanliness.



Bag Making Options: The machine can be equipped with various bag making options to form the optimal shape and size of bags or pouches for packaging pellets. Depending on the specific requirements of the product, options may include pillow bags, gusset bags, or quad seal bags. 

Integration with weighing scales: Depending on the needs of the product, the granule packaging machine can be integrated with weighing scales to ensure accurate filling by weight. This is especially beneficial for products that require precise weight measurement, such as pet food, nuts or cereals. 

These are just some of the features a pellet packaging machine may have, but exact specifications may vary based on specific product and industry requirements. Granule packaging machines are widely used in food processing, chemical industry, agriculture and other industries to efficiently and automatically package granular products.

Sachet packing machine is a type of packaging equipment used to efficiently and accurately package small amounts of products into sachets, which are small sealed pouches.

The basic operation of a sachet packing machine can be broken down into the following steps:

  1. Material feeding: The machine is equipped with a material feeding system, such as a hopper or a conveyor belt, to supply the product into the packing machine.
  2. Film unwinding: The packaging film roll is unwound and fed into the machine. The film material used is typically flexible and can be made of various materials such as plastic, aluminum, or paper.
  3. Film forming: The packaging film passes through a set of rollers and pouch formers where it is shaped into continuous tubes or bags. The size and shape of the sachet can be adjusted according to the product being packaged.
  4. Product dosing: The product to be packed is measured and dosed into each sachet. This can be done using various methods such as auger system, volumetric fillers, or liquid pumps depending on the characteristics of the product.
  5. Sealing: Once the product is dosed into the sachet, the film is sealed to create individual pouches. The sealing process typically involves heat, pressure, or a combination of both to ensure a secure and airtight seal.
  6. Cutting: After sealing, the continuous film with multiple filled sachets is cut into individual sachets using a cutting mechanism, such as a rotary cutter or a guillotine cutter.
  7. Discharge: The finished sachets are then discharged from the machine onto a conveyor or into a collection tray, ready for further packaging or distribution.

Post time: Oct-21-2023