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Frequently Asked Questions

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How does your machine measure packaging weight? Is it a measuring cup or a weighing sensor or scale? If it is a weighing sensor or weighing device, what is the accuracy?

Answer: There are many methods of measurement, such as measuring cups, electronic scales, vibrating scales, and so on. We have detailed instructions and remarks in the instructions for each machine. You can also inform us of your needs so that we can recommend a suitable packaging method for you.

Our country's power supply is different from China. Could you replace the power supply for us?

Answer: Yes. The power supply in China is 380V/220V. If your power supply is different, we can replace the transformer according to your requirements.

How do you transport machines to the client's factory? Is it transported separately or as a complete unit?

Answer: We use wooden boxes for palletizing. Generally, the main unit is packed in wooden boxes, and individual parts are disassembled and transported. It is easy to install separately disassembled parts on the machine. We have specialized operating instructions and videos to teach you how to install the machine, so you can also install it yourself.

What is the size of your machine? Can you customize a special size machine for us?

Answer: The dimensions of our machine are marked in each product description. Of course, we can also customize the machine for you. You can contact us and let us know your detailed requirements.

Can your company's engineers or technicians come to our factory to install and adjust the machines? If there is any malfunction in the operation of the machine, how do you solve the problem?

Answer: Yes, we offer overseas installation and debugging machine services. Our engineers and technicians can go to your factory for installation, adjustment, and training. If there are any issues during operation, you can send us an email/photo/video, and we will solve your problem through online chat, photos, videos, and email. If the problem you encounter cannot be solved in the end, we can send technicians to solve it on-site.

Can your company customize the production packaging line?

Answer: Yes, we have been committed to meeting different market demands since our company was established in 2005. In order to adapt to the development of the market and meet the different needs of clients, we can customize and design an integrated production line according to your needs. So far, we have collaborated with many clients on customized production line projects and continue to receive recognition and praise from clients.

What is the warranty period for your machine?

Answer: 12 months for the mainframe parts from lading. If there is self malfunction during guaranteed period, you send back the malfunction part to us, we should offer free replacement part.