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What Are the Advantages of a Three-Dimensional Pyramid/ Triangular Tea Bag Compared to a Flat/ Rectangular Tea Bag?

With the deepening of people’s understanding of bagged tea, the claim that bagged tea is inferior tea has long been unfounded. A three-dimensional pyramid shaped triangular tea bag made of transparent material with clear and visible ingredients, ready to be served at any time. It releases enthusiasm in hot water, remains calm in cold water, and gets along with triangular tea bags, your life will not be boring.




So what are the advantages of this three-dimensional triangular tea bag compared to regular tea bags? Below is a brief introduction by the tea bag processing experts from Changyun Packing Machinery Co., Ltd.:

The uniqueness of the triangular tea bag lies in its three-dimensional and transparent packaging, which can provide more space for the tea to stretch and quickly release the tea aroma. For two types of tea bags with the same volume, the three-dimensional triangular tea bag has a larger surface area embracing hot water. The surface area of traditional tea bags in contact with water is about 1/2 of the total area, but the surface area of three-dimensional triangular tea bags in contact with water is 3/4 of the total area.
The release efficiency of tea will increase with the increase of the contact area of the tea bag with water, and the three-dimensional triangular tea bag perfectly meets this requirement. Compared to ordinary tea bags, they cannot fully contact the tea bag with hot water, resulting in some tea leaves not being stretched.

The three-dimensional triangular tea bag can maintain the shape of the tea leaves and prevent them from breaking; The large contact area of the triangle makes it easier to brew tea. In order to preserve the tea prototype and emphasize its difference from broken tea, a pyramid shaped tea bag was specially designed. That is to say, even if there is no difference in taste and efficiency, the commercial value is also very obvious.

Compared to ordinary bagged tea, triangular tea bags and triangular cup bagged tea create a high-quality and intuitive image of bagged tea, which is more beautiful and intuitive, and consumers can drink with more confidence. The tea leaves are visible and make people feel more at ease. Compared with ordinary filter paper packaged tea bags, this triangular tea bag releases active ingredients 360 ° after hot water injection, quickly spreading the tea leaves, allowing for multiple brewing and prolonged soaking. The tea bag is not easily damaged and has toughness. The transparent mesh design allows the flavor of tea to be fully displayed, allowing consumers to observe the appearance, smell the aroma, see the color, taste the tea, and observe the bottom of the leaves. The original flavor of the original leaves is like freshly brewed tea, making tea tasting no longer limited to containers, allowing you to enjoy a more convenient modern life anytime, anywhere!

Post time: May-06-2023