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Liquid Packing and Filling Machine

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Model XY-800Y is our Liquid Packing Machine. It is used for bag packing of fast hot water bags, biological ice bags, medical cooling ice bags, food and beverage distribution soup bags and other liquid bags.

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Technical Parameters

Item Technical standard
Model NO. XY-800Y
Bag size L100 - 260mm X W 80 - 160mm
Packing speed 20-40bags/min
Measurement range 100-1000g
Packing material PET/PE、 OPP/PE 、 Aluminium coated film and other heat-sealable composite materials
Power 1.8Kw
Weight 350kg
Dimension L1350 X W900 X H1800(mm)

Performance Characteristics

1. The drive-control core of whole machine is composed of the touch control programmable operation and a large display touch screen of servomotor, therefore this machine is excellent performance and simple operation;

2. The machine combines with the filling machine can complete the measurement, feeding, Filling bag, date printing, finished product delivery of the entire packaging process;

3. The perfect automatic alarm protection function can help troubleshooting timely and reduce the loss to the minimum;

4. The intelligent temperature controller is used to ensure the seal is beautiful and smooth. And the anti-sticking treatment was made on the cutter point;

5. The filling and feeding system adopts a professional anti leakage and interception mode, thereby avoiding the phenomenon of poor sealing;

6. The whole machine is made of SUS304 food grade material which food safety is assured and reliable;

7. According to customer requirements, we can customize the feeding system so that labor costs can be saved.

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Apply for fast hot water bags, biological ice bags, medical cooling ice bags, food and beverage distribution soup bags and other liquid bags.

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Changyun has been engaged in providing professional packing machinery for more than 20 years. We insist on quality as the center and technological innovation as our responsibility.  We have successively developed various equipment such as pyramid/triangular tea packaging machines, powder packaging machines, sauce filling machines, particle packaging machines, liquid packaging machines, etc., which can meet the packaging needs of various related industries.Our self-developed  packing machine not only improves packing efficiency and packing hygiene, but also have CE certification and obtained a number of practical New patents meet the needs of different customers.It has received unanimous praise from domestic and foreign customers. If you have any needs or customized requirements, welcome to contact us!

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